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a seasonal retreat

august 2023

Welcome to THE HARVEST RETREAT – a seasonal gathering in the south of Sweden to honor Summer’s rewarding ripeness and a slow landing into Autumn with Inna Smirnoff Mannert & Matilda Meenakshi Wiborn.

This is a unique vessel where shamanic and somatic practices intertwine, which brings a deepened experience of self through the alchemy of natures seasons within us and around us.

How easily it drifts our minds and hearts
That blessed we are to see natures art
Over the year and under the sun she dances
And in this northern country, we see such diverse glances
Of all the seasons in colors and wisdom
An invitation to remember where you came from
Now sisters and brothers, lets gather in tribe
To call back the rhythms of lows and of highs
Together we re-learn how to live by Her side



Early Bird Price:
5490 SEK

All prices include the accomodation, necessary materials and all the meals. Early Bird Price is valid until 1st of June – thereafter it will be 5990 SEK.


Arrival 17th of August at 17.00, departure 20th of August at 11.00.

No previous experience in any of the practices is needed. Just bring an open heart and a curious mind and body.

This gathering will be intimate – only 10 spots available.

All meals will be nourishing and vegan.

The retreat will be held in English, unless all participants speak Swedish. Both Inna and Matilda speak Swedish if needed.

Our days:

Our daily schedule will be weaved around our morning and evening practices which will give you plenty of free time in the middle of the day to enjoy nature, your alone time or have a private session with one of the facilitators. 

8.00 | Breakfast & morning practice + sharing
12.00 | Lunch + free time

18.00 | Dinner
19.00 | Evening practice / Ceremony + Community time

We feel how the longing for unity with both each other and the Earth is growing stronger and stronger. Can you feel it too? This is our heartfelt invitation to gather and call back the connection to the elements around us and within us.

This retreat is a thread within the weaving of a ceremonial community in which we re-discover ancient practices around the cycles of the year, as well as explore new ones aligned with the modern world we live in. There is immense power in being here now, amongst all that which this modern world offers as well as restricts, knowing that there is a way of honoring the change of seasons and the shifting of pace.

In this part of the world we’re blessed with such a diversity of seasons. We get to experience it all — the golden yellow, the wittering brown, the black to white and the radiant green — and all in between. How can we become more aligned with the cyclical rhythm of death and rebirth and hold ourselves and each other through the shifts in a way that is supportive, nourishing and empowering?

Our intention is for us to explore the embodying of the seasons within us, as we shapeshift along with the nature around us, as we learn to ride the wave of the alchemy of change through all our layers.


About your


Inna Smirnoff Mannert

With a strong intuition, a clear vision and a firmly rooted connection, Inna guides groups and individuals through deep inner journeys with the intention of you finding you way little bit closer to your essence self. She holds a  grounded, feminine energy to support you on your way inwards, where your embodied wisdom and innate guidance resides. 

Her work spans between somatic movement and yoga, women's circles, intuitive guidance and mentorshop as well as healing practices in both 1:1 and group settings.

Matilda Meenakshi Wiborn

Matilda Meenakshi is a passionate yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner, singer songwriter and storyteller, with a love for Mother Earth that permeates everything she does.

In her journey through various spiritual practices, ranging from Hinduism to Wicca, she has sought to refine her own expression of the spiritual connection we all have access to. A connection she is passionate about continuously exploring together with others, using the body as a vessel.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-22 at 12.43.10.jpeg

About the

During this late Summer’s weekend we will gather in the warm south of Sweden to celebrate and honor our cyclical nature and the endings that are part of it.

Amongst fruiting apple trees, the wild meadow will receive us in it’s raw beauty. Embedded in nature and with a beautiful lake just a walk/hike through nature or a short drive away.

There is a sauna, a lovely fireplace and a big beautiful garden on the premises to bring you bliss and replenishment during your free time.

How to get here

You can easily travel by train to our location, which is near Kristianstad. Train tickets are cheap at the moment and will give you a comfortable travel, as well as time and space to slide into retreat mode. From Kristianstad, the retreat location is a stones throw away, and can be reached by a short bus or local train journey from the main train station.

​If you travel by car, we might be able to help you find another participant to travel with and splits the costs with. Which means that if you don't know how to travel to the retreat yet - this might be an option. These arrangements can be made as soon as the group begins to come together.

While in Skåne, enjoy the magnificence of Österlen for a couple of days before or after the retreat. The closest community next to the ocean is Åhus - an adorable little town right by the breathtaking Baltic Sea. There are, of course, many other places to visit in Österlen, and you could make it into your own Summer adventure.


Join us to celebrate the harvest of the times passed, to deepen your connection to yourself and to the earth, to rest into community, to reconnect to your purpose and reremember what truly matters.

THE HARVEST Retreat med Inna Smirnoff Mannert och Matilda Meenakshi Wiborn
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