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Holy Fire Reiki &


As I see it, to heal is not to mend something that is broken.


It is to re-remember yourself in your wholeness

and to take the steps towards it, to choose it.

It is to re-discover that which you

already know, and always has known.

Healing is empowerment of body, mind and spirit.

It is connection to that which is longing for attention and love.

It is a self-love practice in its purest form.


Everything that has happened to us in the past, sometimes
in past lives, wants to be absorbed, harmonized and resolved
in it's due time. The healing arts are a supportive tool
to help digest, integrate and reconnect with all
parts of you, on each step of your journey.

I work with a blend of healing channels, all co-creating together for the highest best of those who come to me. These powerful energies are working with and through me to support you on your way in the most rewarding way possible, in that specific moment in time. One of the channela is Holy Fire Reiki, which brings in a powerful yet gentle vibration and supports you in your connection to your most integrated, whole self. I am also working with and towards the awakening of the Divine Feminine, which supports the sessions by deeply anchoring into the feminine energies of Mother Nature.


I am very intuitive, which is felt in the way that I work, as I follow my inner guidance through the whole process. This could mean that messages, recommended practices and/or advice might come through for you. I can share this guidance with you if you so wish, but it can also be set aside.


 Holy Fire Reiki 


 ~ 60 minutes ~ 

 online or in person 

 990 SEK 


 Holy Fire Reiki 


 ~ 90 minutes ~ 

 online or in person 

 1290 SEK 





 ~ 60 minutes ~ 

 online or in person 

 1190 SEK 


 Intuitive Healing 

 + Guidance 


 ~ 90 minutes ~ 

 online or in person 

 1490 SEK 

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