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 & renew 

 an embodied yin™ yoga workshop 

Stockholm ● Pranama ● 26th of October

𓇴 The practice is the ceremony

𓇴 Your body is the altar

𓇴 Create your sacred offering with the gentle & loving exploration of your being through the magic of Embodied Yin™ Yoga with Inga


Embodied Yin™ Yoga is a gentle integrative practice that creates a sacred space where time expands and slows down for you to catch up to your deepest sense of self. This somatic exploration will be guided by the full moon energies of the week – we will release what has been and is no longer, and renew by giving our gratitude and setting our intentions for the cycle that is to come.


Bring a journal for your sacred intentions/reflections. If you have any cherished items that are supportive for your practice, please feel free to bring those too!


Friday 26/10, 17:00-19:00

Pranama – The Center of The Great Heart, Ringvägen 126

Price: 290 SEK

As always, we offer discounted prices to Monthly members. Limited spots – book yours now!


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