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My name is Inna Marianna. Since my first breath I've been on a mission, on a search – I've always known that there is a depth that I crave, a meaning that I cannot manage without, a path of love that is carved out for me, for all of us. And since you are reading this, I trust that you have felt the same, and I feel that we are walking together.
When does one become a yogi? I think I was born one. Not because I have done a certain amount of physical poses or have completely mastered my ego in a previous life, and certainly not this one. But rather because finding my way to yoga made the stuff that didn't make any sense suddenly make a lot of sense - yoga was a door into a world of depth and meaning, of breath and body, of consciousness and embodiment, of heart and flesh and soul.
I was 18 when I attended my first asana class, and I hated every second of it. After what felt like a gazzillion downward facing dogs I was physically and mentally exhausted, and quite frankly a bit shocked by the amount of hidden emotions and previous hurts that came up during my first practice. I wasn't ready to take the leap into myself, but the light was pouring into me through the crack the practice created in my heart whether I liked it or not. A couple of years later I was ready to revisit and I remember a new kind of voice echoing in my head – "you need to TEACH this” it said, and slowly but surely I followed.
I try to teach what I practice and practice what I teach, as I strongly believe in commitment to the sacredness of meeting oneself as well as oneness and that the needs of one are reflected in the needs of many. Soft asanas mixed with dynamic work, remaining still and moving intuitevly, feeling the body and listening to the subtle sounds within. Embodiment, meditation, journaling, expressing, sharing, chanting, connecting to nature and the divine feminine – this is all a sacred practice.

Yoga is a path, a crystal clear path, and you are invited to come with me on this journey of inquiry, on this path of learning how to create space for yourself and your needs and wishes, on the inner travel towards finding out who you are and through your true self finding out the whole universe. I will always support you, as I always will support myself.

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